Professional supervision is a requirement for counsellors and psychologists to maintain registration with their professional bodies. Several other industries are now starting to recognise the importance of supervision for members to function at their best in their given role.

Individual and Group Supervision at Anchored Counselling Services is provided by Sam Sellers. I am a Level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association and is a Recognised Supervisor. Supervision can be conducted locally to Goulburn, NSW, and online Australia and New Zealand wide via a secure online platform.

Supervision is offered on a one-off or ongoing basis depending on need.

One-off sessions are usually for the purpose of exploring issues with a particular client or situations that relates to my specialty areas which are Religious Trauma, Relationships and LGBTQIA+ issues.

Ongoing supervision includes working on issues with clients, but reaches further to incorporate the therapist’s self-care, administration, compliance with policies and procedures, and running a small business if in private practice.

It is important to note that supervision is NOT counselling. Although personal issues are covered in the supervision process, a different therapist should be consulted if these issues require a therapeutic approach. 

Fee Structure

Individual Supervision – Initial Session – $160 & Ongoing Sessions – $110

Counselling Student – $80

Group Supervision – $75 per person (minimum 3 people and maxed at 8)

Further Details

Individual Supervision the initial session is 90 minutes & Ongoing sessions are 60min in length,

Group Supervision all sessions are 90 minutes.

If you are a counsellor, or work in a related field and would like to explore professional supervision, please contact Sam on 0497 630 574 or email [email protected].