A Shattered Sanctuary: From Fellowship to Freedom

A Shattered Sanctuary - Free Ebook

Attention, Story Seekers!

Stories are powerful! And today, I’m opening up the pages of my life to share mine with you.

In this raw and real journey, I invite you to join me as I navigate through the highs and lows, the twists and turns of my own life. My hope is that as you read, you’ll not only find pieces of yourself mirrored in my words but also feel seen, believed, and valued in your own unique narrative.

I’m feeling incredibly vulnerable putting my story out into the world. But I believe in the power of vulnerability, connection, and the shared human experience.

So, here’s the exciting part: My ebook is FREE! For now, at least. I can’t promise it’ll stay that way forever, so seize the opportunity while you can!

Here’s to finding freedom in our stories.

Download your free copy today!

Want to hear more?

I have a podcast called Beyond the Surface. It is a show where I amplify other stories of Religious Trauma and Deconstruction.

“Beyond the Surface, where the essence of “to be seen is to be understood” unfolds into a profound tapestry of shared experiences. In my own journey, I’ve navigated the depths of pain, grief, anger, and heartbreak that accompany the loss of church, community, faith, and the unraveling of core beliefs. Amidst this turmoil, a radiant aspect of healing emerged—one woven with the realization that we’re not traversing this path alone.

The power of connecting through shared narratives has proven transformative, revealing both the unique tapestries and common threads in our experiences of religious trauma.”

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other major podcast platform. Or right here on my website.