Rediscover, Reclaim, Rise: Religious Trauma Therapy

Hello! I am so glad you have landed here!

I’m a Queer Registered Therapist, living and working on Gundungarra Land (Goulburn, NSW). I offer appointments in person, as well as therapy online worldwide (except US & Canada).

Religious Trauma is Trauma.

I provide trauma-informed support for survivors of religious trauma, adverse religious experiences (AREs), faith deconstruction, cults, spiritual abuse, and leaving high demand/high control systems. 

Whilst I may have expertise, I am not an expert in your life. I’m a guide, companion, and advocate. My aim is to empower you to reclaim control over your story and rediscover a life aligned with your true self.

Everyone has a story. I also have my own story with complex and religious trauma.

I am a lover of stories and amplify them on my podcast Beyond the Surface – Stories of Religious Trauma & Deconstruction. Interviewing people from around the world about their story, experiences and healing. My hope is that by hearing their stories, you feel less alone.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & anywhere you get your podcasts.

Religious Trauma Therapist - Samantha Sellers

My Services

Individual Counselling

A personalised, confidential and trauma-informed space where you have the opportunity to explore your thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs and concerns in a one-on-one setting free of judgement.

There is no wrong reason to seek therapy. Everything is welcome.

Relationship Counselling

A collaborative process that focuses on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and enhancing the emotional connection between all individuals. This is available to heterosexual, and same-sex couples; as well as polyamorous relationships.

Family Counselling

A therapeutic approach that involves working with the entire family unit to address and resolve conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen relationships, with the goal of fostering a healthier and more harmonious family dynamic.